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Upcoming Classes

  • Stronger together Runners - Summer '24
    Stronger together Runners - Summer '24
    16 Apr 2024, 09:00 – 09 Jul 2024, 10:00
    Bath, Bear Flat, Bath BA2 4RR, UK
    Running with others is more fun & brings out the best in you. This group focusses on the sessions that are hard to do alone. Alternate Tuesdays we focus on developing strength & speed. But it's not all sweat & hard work, sprinkle in plenty of laughter & friendship and these sessions are fun.
  • Stronger together  S&C - Summer '24
    Stronger together  S&C - Summer '24
    18 Apr 2024, 09:00 BST – 11 Jul 2024, 09:45 BST
    In this class we aim to improve muscle activation and recruitment as well as strengthening joints and ligaments. In so doing we are developing our over all stability and strength. Great to support our running but importantly to also support us in our every day lives.
  • Stronger together Circuits  - Summer '24
    Stronger together Circuits  - Summer '24
    22 Apr 2024, 08:45 – 24 Jun 2024, 09:30
    Bath, Bear Flat, Bath BA2 4RR, UK
    What a better way to set yourself up for the week ahead than to meet with other inspiring women and workout in the fresh air. Believe me when I say this group is a lot of fun.
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