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Everest Multi-day Ultra and the benefit of coaching ~ Ed Groblar

Although I’d done a few events before (a mix of things from local 10k’s/ half marathons to Ironmans and an ultra), I felt I’d hit a plateau, and was just ‘running the same run’ every time. So my brother mentioned I should speak to Kerry, and I now look back at that point and am so glad he did!

From the moment I met up with Kerry I was mega impressed- she was so passionate about running and on a wavelength where she just ‘got it’. I could quickly tell that, while describing where I felt I’d hit a wall with things, she was genuinely listening… not appearing to listen while really just wanting to push ‘a particular way of training’. It was also very evident I wasn’t dealing with someone who has simply done a course on running technique (which is fine!) but someone who’s more than been there, and done it. She’s v impressive, but not in an intimidating way, even remotely!

I’d signed up to doing my first multi-day ultra, set to be in the Himalayas and over 6 days, and really didn’t have long to get prepped. I also do a job where my time in the week just isn’t predictable so I’d assumed a formal training plan would be a bit of a non-starter. I was also pants at doing the stuff I knew I should- like eating well!

Anyway, long story short, kerry was immense. Her approach was flexible and fitted in with my life- no rigid training plans, but rather a solid amount that needed to be done week by week, with access to her when needed. And there was massive variety in what she gave me- from focused speedwork at lunchtimes, right through to full on beasting myself up and down big hills with a weighted pack on my back, but all done in a way that was genuinely enjoyable. I could feel myself getting stronger where it was needed and while my pace improved, more importantly so did my endurance. She understood the pressures of day to day life and the impact on training this can have, gave me practical tips around fuelling properly (even when to do this), and it just worked.

Everything I did paid off on the event- not one bit felt like it had been pointless training. My brother and I ended up not just completing, but getting joint first place… and I’m really not someone who does that normally!! Without Kerry, it would have been the same old run as always, but in the Himalayas instead.

I can’t recommend Kerry enough. Irrespective of whether you’re new to it or a long-timer set in your ways, she’ll make you enjoy training and just get you to that next level. An absolute gem to deal with and an all round ledge!”


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