• Kerry Sutton

Jungle Ultra, Peru

An aspect of Ultra running that I relish is that I can complete with men on a level playing field; something I have not found in other sports.

Prior to August 2012 I had not run much further than 10km but I was restless and looking to do something that would really ‘test my metal’. Six months later I had completed the Marathon des Sables, finishing 250th in a field of 1000 runners. I returned wanting more and signed up immediately for the Jungle Ultra the following year.

Having 4 young children makes training for ultras a challenge in itself and my husband works away all week, so I have to do my training sessions in the short periods when my youngest is at nursery.

I keep weekends for family. In the 6 months before the Jungle Ultra I was aiming to do 10-12 hours of training a week. The sessions were a mix of strength and conditioning, hill work, speed sessions and long runs during which I worked out my nutrition, hydration and kit.

The Jungle Ultra did not disappoint. For me running ultras is about finding the will to continue when every cell in your being wants you to stop! It was challenging, exhilarating, stunning and pushing me closer to my limits than ever before. It’s also about managing your nutrition, hydration and physical wellbeing, so you’re able to continue day after day. And finally, I relish the fact that I can compete with men on a level playing field; something I have not found in other sports. Next stop, Madagascar 2014.

"You only need to spend a few minutes with Kerry to feel how passionate and dedicated she is to sport and running in particular. Her ultra marathon successes are an inspiration. I’d be happy to recommend her".
Sharron Davis - MBE, Olympic Medalist

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