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Manage your Mind

During a race it’s not uncommon for a runner to start doubting themselves, question why they are doing it, and having to battle the desire to stop.

When it does starts to hurt, some of these thoughts might help you.

Motivational thoughts

  • Every step I take is one closer to the finish

  • I can sit down for as long as I like after this and not move a muscle – so just get this done!

  • The next face I see might be my best mate/boyfriend and I don’t want them to see me walking!

  • I am amazing to be running this, beating all those who are sitting at home.

  • I am doing it for a great cause.

  • I don’t ever have to do something like this again if I don’t want to, so I better do this well!

  • Tomorrow, when I am sitting at work, I don’t want to wish I had pushed that little bit harder. I want to feel really chuffed with myself.

  • Imagine there is a bungee attached to the person ahead of you that’s pulling you along.

Practical actions

  • Set yourself short targets like I’ll run to the next lamp post, traffic lights, corner and then walk 10 paces… once you get there set another challenge.

  • Have some sweets or a gel, your negative thoughts might come form a dip in Sugar.

  • Focus on your running form. Mentally work down from your head, to your shoulders and hands – be sure you aren’t tense in any of these areas.

  • Smile, it releases chemicals that makes your body think its having fun!


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