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6 ways to incorporate some fitness fun into the festive period.

Christmas that lovely time year when everything gets busier than usual! We rush about in a flurry of social engagements, gradually depleting ourselves of sleep, consuming vast amounts of empty sugars (chocolate) and topping up with empty carbs (alcohol).

Finding time for running and strength training can be hard. Here are 6 slightly quirky and subtle ways of keeping your strength and fitness up, whilst also tiring out the kids, the dog and best of all, having a good laugh.

· Stair challenge. See who can run up and down the most times in a given period. Or, who can run up and down the most times before they collapse!

· Weight session using the possums as weights. Give them a piggyback as you squat, lunge, climb the stairs, or do a seated row where they provide resistance. You can lie on the floor and 'press’ them as they lie plank like above you. NB only use your lightest kids…. Don’t strain your back carrying your 15 year old. Work within your limits!

· Beat the dog. Two people stand a predetermined distance apart (“predetermined” by how fit you are!), giving yourself a head start, sprint to the second person. The first person holds on to your pooch only releasing him/her a few seconds after so that you stand a sporting chance! First one to past the finish is the winner.

· Pillow fight. Focus on core work, agility and strength and it's a great laugh. ( NB don't use feather pillow and unlike in the weight bearing challenge - challenge your older kids for a better work out!)

· Indoor wrestling contest, this is a great work out. 1v1 or 2v1. The wrestler in the middle of the room, usually mum or dad, has to see how long they can keep the challenger away from touching the opposite wall. Start in a keeling position and you end up squirming around on the floor. It’s exhausting believe me!

· Organise a kitchen Christmas dance-a-thon. Turn up the Christmas tunes and dance for 20mins. Prize for the most energetic dancer! A great cardio work out if you commit yourself and pull out your top moves!

· Run as the kids cycle. Head out with the kids on bikes whilst you run alongside. Make either the end point or mid-point a pub where you can warm up. Why not take a pack of cards or pocket game to continue the fun as you rehydrate.

Most of all have fun!


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