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Skipping Challenge

With the arrival of JUNE it’s time for another challenge.

We have focused to date on strength based exercises and it’s time to mix it up.

This month’s focus is SKIPPING.

So grab a rope, a pair of trainers and start to jump.

There are so many ways to skip:

two footed, single footed in a running motion, no bounce, single bounce, one leg… go crazy!

Keep it light, keep on the balls of your feet and don’t forget to smile!

Why skipping:

• It’s a GREAT cardio work out

• GREAT for weight loss

• GREAT for coordination

• Increases muscle tone

• Makes you ‘lighter’ on your feet

What’s the challenge:

Day 1

skip continuously for 2 mins (yes we all thought that was easy till we tried!)

Add 30s a day

Keep adding those seconds until the end of the month when you will be able to skip for a total of 16.5mins.


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