• Kerry Sutton

Build Consistency

4 pointers to help you build consistency:

Give your run a purpose:

  • Before you can build consistent running you need a purpose.

Weightloss, the challenge, running for a charity: whatever that goal is – make it personal.

Make a plan:

  • Make a plan that starts small and builds over time.

  • Decide what time you are going to do in your run. Stick to it. Look at your week on a Sunday night and fit your runs in so that they are immovable.

Build accountability:

  • Personal – don’t let yourself down

  • Others – tell people your goal, use online communities like starva.

  • Financial – if you’ve made financial commitment you won’t want to throw that away.

Track your progress:

  • You’ll then be amazed/ proud of how much you have achieved each week and each month.

"You only need to spend a few minutes with Kerry to feel how passionate and dedicated she is to sport and running in particular. Her ultra marathon successes are an inspiration. I’d be happy to recommend her".
Sharron Davis - MBE, Olympic Medalist

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