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Build Consistency

4 pointers to help you build consistency:

Give your run a purpose:

  • Before you can build consistent running you need a purpose.

Weightloss, the challenge, running for a charity: whatever that goal is – make it personal.

Make a plan:

  • Make a plan that starts small and builds over time.

  • Decide what time you are going to do in your run. Stick to it. Look at your week on a Sunday night and fit your runs in so that they are immovable.

Build accountability:

  • Personal – don’t let yourself down

  • Others – tell people your goal, use online communities like starva.

  • Financial – if you’ve made financial commitment you won’t want to throw that away.

Track your progress:

  • You’ll then be amazed/ proud of how much you have achieved each week and each month.


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