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Finally, Sports Nutrition I Can Get On With

I have always struggled to get consume the necessary 200cal per hour required to keep me fuelled during a long races. My saliva seems to dry up when I run anything longer than 90mins and I really struggle to swallow real food. Tailwind was recommended to me by a friend as something I should try on my up and coming multistage race. As the adage goes, never try anything new on a race, I tried it a number of times mixing it in my water whilst running in the heat chamber acclimatising for Fiji. I found it super easy to drink, I didn’t tire of the taste and I never seem to hit a wall whilst using it as my fuel source.

It was coming with me to Fiji. My nutrition plan in Fiji was to fill two /500ml/600ml water bottles at the start of each day with Tailwind and then add a couple more satchels as I refilled my water bottles at check points during the next few hours. I found I needed nothing else.

This strategy worked really well and kept me strong on each stage. In fact it also was the saving grace of a fellow competitor who I was running with on day 3. He hit the wall whilst eating real food. He couldn’t consume enough to fuel him through a particularly gruelling up hill muddy stage. As he slowed and I could see him hitting the wall I offered him my spare tailwind and told him to drink the lot, which he duly did. It pulled him out of the bonk and allowed us to finish the stage together and strong. He, it goes without saying, is also now a convert too.

Tailwind is now my go to fuel of choice in training and running. No more dry bars that I can’t swallow. I have to also thank the team at Tailwind who sent my order over to me super quickly before I headed out to Fiji and who have subsequently followed up with an email to see how I got on. Customer service at its best. Thank you team Tailwind UK.


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