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How do I Choose a Coach?

You might ask your self how am I going to choose which coach to work with from all the ones available? I pondered this in the early days. It’s an important question to ask when, give or take, they all seem to offer the same thing.

The answer I believe is in finding someone you can relate to, someone who you think you can develop a relationship with and someone who you believe will honestly buy into you and your personal challenge. Why do I think this? Because as a coaching client it has always been important that my coach listens to and understands me. I work best with someone who doesn’t just issue plans but is someone who I have built up a trust, a respect, a relationship.

So you have looked around and found a few coaches who on paper have good credentials.

They have run a lot and tick the right boxes. What next? In the first instance I would call them and have a chat, if you are close, meet up and have a coffee. See if you like them – and then sign up. you won’t regret it!


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