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Marathon des Sables by Johan Grobler

Back in late 2014 I made the decision to enter the Marathon des sables and after a few crazy tense minutes online trying to get registered before it sold out, I got in and for a split second felt quite excited….then terrified…what had I just spent nearly 4 grand on!!

Running 6 marathons in less days didn’t seem like something I could do! Don’t get me wrong, I had some experience of racing with a few ironman races under my belt but nothing like this.

I knew I needed help! I searched and searched but it wasn’t until I met Kerry that I knew I had found the right person.

She had the experience, she had herself race the same race and many more so it gave me confidence that she not only knew her PTE stuff but also knew the mental side.

She was very flexible with how she could help me and gave me great ideas to help become a better rounded runner by not just running!

The confidence she gave me through her knowledge and attitude towards training and kit gave me a massive advantage when I got to the race.

I had the right kit, right food, right training and most importantly the self belief. Massive thanks to Kerry and I hope to continue working with her in the future! Roll on more crazy races!


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