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Nancy Gardiner

“I have been having 3 sessions a week for 2 months with Kerry as well as adding a 10k walk in one day a week too. I had not exercised for 6 years and was extremely unfit. I’m going to be completely honest I thought I was going to die on our first 1:1 session. I also couldn’t really walk for 4 days afterwards either. However I did not want to give up and I turned up again for what I thought was going to be a brutal session and already felt I could achieve more in the 2nd session. As the weeks passed my fitness returned quickly, I became stronger and I started to recover from each session better. We both laugh about how far I have come since my first session only 8 weeks ago. I am more toned, my shape has changed, I have more energy and I feel strong and healthy.

I do not weigh myself, I judge my body on looking in the mirror and how my clothes feel and I am definitely noticing a difference in only 8 weeks.

I can highly recommend Kerry, she is an awesome athlete and makes every second of your session count. (Except if she starts chatting, she may forget how many reps you have done!) Each session is different which keeps it interesting and working outside in different locations around Bath is definitely invigorating.”


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