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Pre Christmas running challenge

We have a full 10 weeks between now and Christmas. It's a time of year when running motivation and consistency can take a dip due to the dark evenings, muddy trails and cold days. So what better way to keep you on track than to set yourself a challenge. A challenge you can do alongside others...

The tiered challenge is as follows:

To run or walk




over the next 10weeks.

How does it work:

Run or walk 250 km over the next 10 weeks. This breaks down into a doable 25km a week. You can break the runs up any way you like. A suggested weekly structure might be:

Monday 5km,

Wednesday 5km

Thursday 5km

Sunday 10km

The challenge doesn't stop there though. If you find you are actually doing more each week, I have another tier for you. To make 275km your target.

Might find you have room in your week and beans in your legs and want to reach for the next tier? If so, your weekly target can be 30km and 300km will become your goal.

So this challenge allows flexibility and there is no ceiling. This challenge allows you to set a baseline of 250 km and then it's up to you.

We will motivate, support and post on the Perpetual Motion Coaching Community Facebook page so you are not alone. One of your runs could also be as part of the Tuesday run group: a fun session with like-minded people in Bear Flat, Bath on a Tuesday 9-10am.


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