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Run all the classic distances.

Run the classics

Wednesday 24th February to Sunday 28th February.

Over those 5 consecutive days we will run all the classic running distances:

5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon, ultra (50km).

The beauty of this challenge is that it can be done remotely, within our own locations. So any changes to government rules will not affect the running of this event. As it currently stands you can have 1 other person run with you so, call up your running friends to support different legs of the journey.

Taking on this challenge will mean you are punching out a big total for the week of 128km. That might be out of reach currently, fear not. Join for 1 day, join for 2, in fact do as much as you are able. If you want to do it all but want to run the first few days and walk out the rest, do it! It's about taking part, being motivated to go a wee tad further, about meeting new people who love to do what you do.

You won't be doing this alone. We will have daily check-ins via Zoom and there will be a chat on the Facebook page to motivate and inspire.

Who ever said February is a dull month. Not this year!

Head to: Run the classics to enter, it’s free.

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