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The Mental Game

There are likely to be two occasions when you will need to draw on some mental strength:

No. 1

When you are finding it hard to motivate yourself to get out and train.

No. 2

When you are out running and you really don’t want to carry on. You’re tired , it’s cold and/or wet and the desire to sit down with a tub of Ben and Jerrys is strong.

3 ways to overcome No. 1:

  • Don’t think about the whole session ahead of you. Break it down. Focus on putting your kit on. Once you have done that, focus on walking out of the front door. In this way, before you know it, you’ll be home again feeling very pleased you achieved your goal.

  • Remember no one gets home from a session and wishes they hadn’t gone. You won’t regret it. The surge of endorphins released from the exercise will stay with you through the day.

  • Forcing yourself to do a session when you don’t want to develops mental strength. Something you may need to draw on during the race.

5 ways to overcome No. 2:

  • Imagine the person in front of you has an elastic bungee attached to you and they are pulling you towards them!

  • Break it down. Don’t think about how far it is to the end, instead, make the next tree your target, then the next mile, then it’s the next check point.

  • Use mantras: 'I can and I will'; 'I’ll just take the next step and the rest will follow'; 'I won’t ever regret finishing but I will regret giving up'

  • You chose to be here! Enjoy the experience, you will be back at your desk in no time!

  • Realise how lucky you are: you have your health, sore feet notwithstanding, and fitness. There are many who give anything to swap places.

Over all  – try to keep it fun.


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